Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Noosa Saturday

I've been racing at Noosa for over 6 years and have always loved the unique atmosphere and energy the race brings. For me its one race that I look forward to every year no matter what.

The day before there is always a lot of do for every athlete and for me I try and stay off my feet as much as possible however still trying to soak up that which is the Noosa Triathlon.

The day before the race I always head for a small ride of around an hour out along the course after which a quick coffee stop and breakfast then onto check in. However not before getting some final tuning of the bike with some new bar tape for race day thanks to the guys at Specialized Bikes.
 Onto the mandatory bike racking
Always great to catchup with the team from Oakley. They are an amazing sponsor which I have been lucky to have for over 5 years and completly decked me out for race day!
 The afternoon jog and last session before sunday race day.

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