Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bike + Car = This

Two days post the Noosa Triathlon I headed out for a nice ride to help recover the legs from the weekends race. This would be the final ride on the TT bike for several months as I would be stepping back onto my Venge road bike the very next day in preparation for the long training miles that lay ahead over the next few months in preparation for the races that lay ahead for me in 2012. On the final few km's of the ride heading home someone decided it might be a smart idea to open their car door (without even looking) into the bike lane where myself, a friend and my brother were riding. Fortunately for me I escaped relatively unharmed. However going from 30kph to 0 in less than a second didn't agree with the bike (and their car door, which they had trouble closing)

A big thank you must be given to my training partner Sam Speechly who was great at getting their details for insurance purposes as I was wasn't in the best shape to be dealing with the situation at hand.

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