Wednesday, 30 September 2015

QLD Triathlon Series Race 1 Robina , Gold Coast – 3rd

Post Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast just two weeks ago I managed to contract a nasty flu which had really limited my training and might also explain why I had a less than desired performance at IM70.3 Sunshine Coast. With that said I had managed to get in a few good training sessions once I felt a little better but was still struggling a lot with recovery and was far from being 100% physically. It is very hard as a professional triathlete to toe that start line knowing that you are not in the best shape due to sickness. Nevertheless I have always enjoyed racing at Robina on the Gold Coast and decided to give what ever the body and mind would allow me to give on race day and not be too disappointed with the end result.

With a wetsuit legal swim I was excited to wear my new Orca Predator wetsuit which I have been using a lot in training and am feeling very confident in. I started fast and was one of the leaders heading towards the first of 3 swim turn buoys. Rounding the first turn I slipped in behind the first two lead swimmers and felt strong all throughout the 800 meter swim leg. I emerged from the swim and had a great transition out my wetsuit to hit the 32km bike leg in second place. As soon as I slipped my feet into my bike shoes I set about trying to build a solo gap to the rest of my competitors. After the first 8km loop I had around a 30 second lead which I really wanted to extend as much as possible over the remaining 3 X 8km laps. 
Photo: Paul McCarty 
 Photo: Leanne Handreck Photography

With eventual winner Ben Cook having caught up to the chase group he pushed hard to reduce my lead with a small group of chasers latched onto his fast paced cycling effort. Coming into transition I knew that I had my work cut out for me as my solo lead had been reduced down to just 20 seconds. 
 Photo: Leanne Handreck Photography

After two weeks of battling sickness I knew that my run might not be where I needed it in order to win due to the high heart rate zone I would need to hold to keep my lead intact. The run consisted of 3 times 2km laps and I really pushed hard over the first lap to hold onto my lead. Unfortunately as I headed out onto lap two the pass from the lead was made leaving me holding down the final podium position. I crossed the finish line just 34 seconds behind the winner for a hard fought 3rd place.
 Photo: Leanne Handreck Photography

I always go into races with the mentally that I am racing to win but after a shocking two weeks of being sick I was really just happy to be on the podium. I gave the race all I had both mentally and physically on the day and put in a big effort to race off the front and have a big crack at the victory. As an athlete that is all you can do and sometimes it goes your way and other days it doesn’t quite work out. 

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