Thursday, 10 October 2013

USA vacation: Part 2 Vegas Baby!

After spending the week post 70.3 World Champs in St George Utah (see post below) my partner Bec and I headed to the MGM Grand in Vegas to live it up! Well on a triathletes salary anyway. Vegas is well and truly a different world and it seems like the city never sleeps. I would love to say that I won big at the casino and will now be flying to races private with a big 'SAM BETTEN' painted on the side of my new private Jet but alas it didn't happen on this trip. Maybe next time....

Bec at Victoria Secrete 
Token couple shot
 View from our room at the MGM Grand. Note to others... always ask for a 'free' upgrade!
 Driving to Vegas we spotted this. Looked like it happened just a few minutes before we got there.
 MGM Grand Pool
 Checking out the gondola's
 Shopping went a little crazy. Prices in the USA at the Vegas outlets are insanely cheap compared to what we pay in Australia.
 Vegas nightlife.
 Final day spent at the Wet Republic pool party. If we had stayed just 1 more day it would have been Testo on the DJ decks behind us.
 Giant cheesecake factory burrito

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