Sunday, 2 March 2014

Specialized BG FIT

The Specialized BG FIT (body geometry fit integration technology) was something that I really wanted to have done for my 2014 bikes. Hearing and seeing the results that the BG FIT has helped yield meant that I was very keen to get underway and see what kind of changes could be made in order to make me more comfortable, aero and above all faster on my new S-Works Venge.

My BG FIT took place at Planet Cycles who had already put my S-Works Venge together earlier in the week. Jarrad Adams first talked me over the process and also asked what I expected to achieve from this process. In addition to this we also chatted about my pervious injuries in great detail, all of which were documented. 

The next step was for Jarrad to get a better understanding of my flexibility as well as my foot structure, knee position, spinal curve, shoulder movement, hip flexion and any leg length discrepancy. During this process it was found that I had quite high arches which suggested that I would be better to change from the flatter red specialized foot beds to the higher arch supporting blue foot beds. The change Jarrad explained, would help to me to deliver more power to the pedals and less knee, side to side movement during each pedal stroke. 

After all these issues were addressed it was time to jump on the wind trainer and work on fitting me to my new Venge based on the completed analysis. During this process Jarrad had me riding at a solid tempo making several adjustments throughout based on his measurements and my feedback. This took some time with adjustments such as a shorter stem length and changed cleat position all adding up to what now feels like a very positive change to my road bike fit. 

The BG FIT lived up to all my expectations and much more. I was not expecting much of a difference to be honest. However by the end all the aforementioned changes really added up to a noticable difference. With people spending thousands on the best bikes money can buy it is great to see that Specialized provide the technology and expertise to match people to their ride which helps them to go faster, ride longer and reduce injury.  

Thanks to Specialized Australia and Planet Cycles for this opportunity. For more information about the Specialized BG FIT - CLICK HERE -

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