Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Settling into the USA

After flying back into Brisbane Sunday evening it was a quick unpack and repack before my Monday morning flight from Brisbane to LA. I snagged an emergency exit row on the flight from Brisbane to LAX which allowed me to stretch out the legs over the 14 hour flight. It was a strange flight as I left at Brisbane 11am Monday morning and arrived in LA at 7am Monday morning. I had my good friend Wayne pick me up from LA and show me some of LA and also grab a bite to eat and a few hours of much needed sleep before boarding my final flight from LA to Tampa for this weekends St Anthony's Triathlon.
Driving in LA with Wayne
Feeling quite jet lagged I unpacked, built up my Specialized Shiv and headed to the local pool for a swim then out onto the bike course to see what Sundays race has in store for me. The course looks amazing and the ride and run should be quite fast as it's all dead flat and on smooth roads.

Having never been to the USA before it has been a great experience this week settling into the local swing of things. Food is especially cheap and it's even cheaper to 'eat out' (as the Americans say) from for lunch and dinner than cook at home. I've managed to eat dinner for the grand total of US $7 and lunches are usually about the same.
Grabbing lunch at a local cafe post swim
I am really enjoying the lifestyle in the US and catching up with the other pro athletes at the pool every day for swim sessions. This weekends race, St Anthony's 5150 has about 90 pros on the start list so it should be fast and hard race.
Local pool
 Fellow Specialized athlete Barbara Riveros and I swapping our XS and XL S-Works Shiv bikes

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