Thursday, 5 January 2017

S-Works Venge ViAS

As a professional triathlete I spend a good percentage of my training on S-Works Shiv (Click Here) In saying this I really enjoy riding my road bike to mix things up as well as the occasional cycling race. Going from my previous S-Works Venge (Found Here) to the new S-Works Venge ViAS was an exciting experience.
When you first get up close and personal with the Specialized Venge ViAS you will start to notice and appreciate the level of detail. There is fully integrated Di2 cabling which snakes its way through the bars & stem and inside the frame. Even the Di2 junction box has been neatly hidden in a custom mount located under the bottom bracket area of the frame.
In addition the brake calipers are molded into the Venge ViAS frame and creates zero additional aerodynamic drag as they act as an aerodynamic ‘faring’. This particular braking design cleverly works around the UCI cycling regulations for road bikes which state that a bike can not have any ‘non functional’ aerodynamic design components.
The Venge ViAS feels as comfortable to ride as any bike I have ever ridden but with a sense of speed usually only reserved from riding a top end dedicated time trial bike. One thing that I love about riding the Venge ViAS is that it is such a fun bike to ride. It seems to make you want to ride faster and faster with the speed it delivers and is just so utterly addictive. Quite simply, the more your speed increases the more the Specialized Venge ViAS rewards you for your efforts.

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